Thursday, September 8, 2011

Republican Presidential Debators say " Secure the Border'

All eight of you say, "'Secure the Border"!   At whose expense? And who profits from this never ending nightmare of failed immigratio­n?

I have listened to this same line of baloney for some 35 years now. What amazes me most is that many voters still buy into it.

Well, actually I am not that amazed. These people up there running for President are hired by the same people who profit from failed mortgages, failed health care, and the destructio­n of the American middle class. Many Americans are so overwhelme­d that they do not have the time to read between the lines of their motives and their recurring rhetoric.

Immigratio­n is no different. The song and dance is the same as it as always been. "Secure the border and boot them all out" on one side or "Immigrati­on reform and let them stay" on the other.

Two sides of the political isle pretending to be getting something done and blaming each other because nothing ever gets done.

I finally understand­. That is their game, and that is what they do. That is the design of the rich who promote them into office. Keep them voters mesmerized with hope and keep our profits coming, but don’t change anything.

Anyone up to an immigratio­n protest that will bring this nightmare to a halt?


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