Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Eventually Americans and The Undocumented Must Stand United Against Their Mutual Immigration Abusers

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Eventually Americans and The Undocumented Must Stand United Against Their Mutual Immigration Abusers

The undocumented are pawns in Washington's corporate elite's game of  exchanging 13 years of undocumented labor peonage for possible "reform" citizenship.  Meanwhile Washington's current reform bribery does nothing to stop or address the exact circumstances of poverty that brought not only this group of 11.2 million undocumented here but with certainty will bring millions more.

The continued border deaths of their country men, women, and children will be on this current group of undocumenteds' hands as they selfishly and shamefully accept reform bribery without saying one word in protest about the circumstances of their home-country families and friends who will follow.

Mainstream Americans are also pawns in this game as they remain completely dumbed-down to Washington's insidious system of profitized illegal immigration and profitized immigration reform.  They too sell their souls to Washington immigration political profiteers who - despite multiple billions more for "border security" -  have no intentions of changing this decades-long, labor enrichment immigration status quo.

As with Washington's 40+ year long "Drug War" the enforcement side of illegal immigration has become institutionalized to remain ineffective yet highly profitable.

All of the profit is in the "fight" not in a real solution.  Reagan's Amnesty and Nixon's "War On Drugs" are both living testimonies to that.

The continued deaths of American citizens at the hands of the minority of hardened undocumented criminals will be on Mainstream America's hands too.  Anyone paying attention to this insidious game knows that as the "economic undocumented" continue to cross the border so too will those actual hardened undocumented criminals. 

It appears that the continued deaths of undocumented border crossers and US citizens (at the hands of the hardened undocumented criminals) are Washington's "cost of doing business" with perpetual promises of immigration reform that can not and will not not solve illegal immigration.


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