Saturday, March 29, 2014

Senator McCain And The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Are Immigration Reform Hypocrites

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Senator McCain And The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Are Immigration Reform Hypocrites

Of course McCain is going to fight for amnesty.  Amnesty guarantees that the undocumented will keep coming to America so that McCain and his border security industrial cronies will keep cashing in on the undocumenteds' illegal immigration.      

Take the time to read McCain's Gang of 8's S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act that McCain's Senate shysters passed in June of last year:
Just scroll down to Section 6 "Comprehensive Reform Funding" (a)(2)(A) to see the initial $46.3 billion tax payer price tag.
But wait!  There's More!

 For extra corrupt Arizona McCain pork notice the 200 million for Arizona Prosecutions (S.744 Section 6 (a)(3)(C)(2)(B)(i) referenced in 1104(a)(1) and 200 million more for Arizona's and FEMA "Operation Stonegarden" (S.744 Section 6 (a)(3)(C)(2)(B)(ii) referenced in Section 1104(b).

 On one hand McCain wants to fight until his last breath for Amnesty and the other he wants to put more of the undocumented in jail?  Did the members of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce bother to read the insidious S.744 fine print?  Or do they too not really not care about anything else other than the using the undocumented for profit?

How can the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce simultaneously agree to more border prosecutions and prison sentences from the above and S.744's Section 2101 "Registration and Adjustment of Registered Provisional Immigrants" which sentences the undocumented to 13 more years of labor peonage for a provisional (subject to change) chance at US citizenship?

Until Washington's insidious system of profit/labor driven illegal immigration requiring profit/labor driven immigration reform (amnesty) are exposed "amnesty" in any form must be rejected.


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