Saturday, March 8, 2014

Why Do Immigration Reformists Purposely Ignore The Cause Of Illegal Immigration?

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Why Do Immigration Reformists Purposely Ignore The Cause Of Illegal Immigration?

When negotiating immigration reform why do we all disregard the fact that Washington's NAFTA and CAFTA exacerbate the undocumenteds' home-country poverty which exacerbates illegal immigration to the US?

It's your self-induced poverty you Washington estupidos. 


11.2 million undocumented who trade 13 years of provisional labor for a chance at citizenship

US corporations and companies who will continue hire this and the next wave of undocumented

The Corrections Corporation of America (privatized immigration prisons) as guaranteed more inmates

The Mark Zuckerberg's who will hire foreign high tech H1-b visa workers over Americans

The John McCain's who will receive crony border industrial complex votes and political contributions

US Defense Contractors who will receive billons in border security boodle

Political profiteers who use immigration issues to obtain votes.

The undocumenteds' home country elite who will continue to have billions dollars in remittances pumped back into their economy.


US citizens who lose jobs to the undocumented, suffer overcrowded hospital emergency rooms and unfair demographic changes to their home towns.

Foreign nationals who will continue to suffer the NAFTA/CAFTA caused disparity in wealth and poverty in their home countries.  Foreign nationals who will continue to be coerced and lured into leaving their homes and illegally entering the US for work and the next immigration reform program.

Foreign Nationals who try to cross the border for a chance a prosperity and will die in the process.

US citizens who will suffer crimes committed against them by the criminal element of those who illegally cross the border.

The US Border Patrol who will continue to try and differentiate "economic aliens" from actual criminals.

All Americans who are put at a greater terrorism risk because of Washington's insidious system of profit-driven illegal immigration and immigration reform.


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