Thursday, March 20, 2014

Slowing Down Deportations Without Solving Illegal Immigration Is More Of The Same Insanity

Slowing Down Deportations Without Solving Illegal Immigration Is More Of The Same Insanity
All of the emotional upheaval, political pandering, political threats, protests, human suffering, border crossing deaths and the deaths of US citizens at the hands of the small amount of undocumented who are hardened criminals camouflage the root cause of illegal immigration. 

It is horrible that the undocumented have to make the choice to leave their homes and families.  It is horrible that most Americans do not realize Washington's profiteering trade policies with the undocumenteds' home country economic elite actually exacerbate their disparity in wealth, poverty and illegal immigration.  

Anyone who bothers to listen to middle-class America knows that the presence of the undocumented in the US affects jobs, overburdened health care, overcrowded school systems and unfair home town demographics. All of this plus billions of dollars spent on border security and it is no wonder that Americans have had it with Washington's lies.

The undocumented are being ripped off for cheap labor and remittances.  US taxpayers are being ripped off for billions of dollars in border security reform plus having to live with the consequences of continued illegal immigration and ensuing immigration reform.

All of the above is what our politicians and immigration advocates need to start talking about to get Americans interested in real "immigration reform".


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