Monday, March 10, 2014

Immigration Reform: Trading Illegal Immigration Labor For Border Security Boodle

Immigration Reform:  Trading Illegal Immigration Labor For Border Security Boodle

They will spin this any way they can to try and hide the truth.

Corporate America (who owns Washington) simultaneously intends to profit from illegal immigration labor and billions of US tax dollars in border security boodle.

The undocumented suffer from having to leave their families and homes.  Meanwhile the US and Mexican NAFTA elite share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade. 

Some undocumented die trying to cross the border for their share of the reform dream.  Some undocumented criminals not only pray on the undocumented but pray on US citizens too as they blend in with the thousands of "economic aliens" crossing the border.

Since 2006 140,000 people have been sacrificed in Mexico's US backed, government sponsored "drug war".  Anyone who does not think that the Mexican government and military are not the biggest cartel of them all is ignorant.  And who indirectly supports that horrendous atrocity taking place in Mexico?  How about Harvard University.

See how VP Biden raves about our economic love affair with Mexico and kisses the Mexican NAFTA elite's "culos".   Read how Biden promises to that the US will take care of the undocumented.

'Ay Dios mio we have met the enemy Pogo.


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