Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mexico's Drug War: A Government Sponsored Corporate (Cartel) Takeover - Mexican Style

Mexico's Drug War:  A Government Sponsored Corporate (Cartel) Takeover - Mexican Style

At what point do Americans realize Washington's 40+ year long drug war its not about winning the war on drugs but perpetuating privatized drug enforcement budgets and institutionalizing the "fight"?

The most recent and outrageous example is the US backed drug war that Mexican President Felipe Calderon started in 2006.  That "war" continues today despite the fact that 140,000 people have been sacrificed.

It's the war against drugs so it must be right, right?  If that is what you believe than please do us both a favor and read no more.

Tell me what is right about one of the most corrupt governments in the world using its corrupt military to fight rival cartel groups and rival organized crime figures?  Mexico is organized crime and corruption.  Calderon's 2006 drug war was and still is nothing but a government sponsored corporate takeover - Mexican style.

Then we have Washington's silence. Check out these speeches by Obama and Biden.  As Obama faced  ground zero for the Mexican drug war - Ciudad Juarez, he made his 2011 "comprehensive immigration reform" speech from El Paso TX.  Obama insults all of us who know and care as he remains completely silent about the war zone just  a stone's throw away behind the border fence.

Then we have the glorious economic ravings of Biden made in Mexico to Mexico's NAFTA elite:

Did it ever occur to you that Mexico's economy would collapse if the US effectively stopped illegal drugs and illegal immigration?

The final slap in the face:  Harvard's elite ignoring the blood stained legacy of Mexico's US Drug War Puppet Felipe Calderon:


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