Friday, March 28, 2014

Washington And Biden Cash In By Throwing America's Quality Of Life Under The Immigration Reform Bus

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Washington And Biden Cash In By Throwing America's Quality Of Life Under The Immigration Reform Bus

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Biden: Undocumented immigrants 'already Americans'
VP calls immigration reform a financial game-changer
Mr. Biden simultaneously uses the undocumented to push for immigration reform while ripping off US taxpayers for an initial "immigration reform" cost of 46.3 billion dollars.  Read Section 6 of the Senate's already passed S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act:
What do you suppose is the message being sent to the next wave of millions of undocumented? 
Do you suppose Mr. Biden cares about those who will die crossing the border as they too will believe his words as Washington simultaneously pours billions of our tax dollars into tighter border security?
Do you suppose Mr. Biden or his family have to stand in line with the undocumented in overcrowded hospital emergency rooms?  Or that Mr. Biden has ever lost a job to an undocumented competitor?  Or that the demographics of Mr. Biden's small home town have been rapidly and unfairly changed for the worse forever?    
No.  Mr. Biden lives way above all of that.
Please read Mr. Biden's glowing speech to the Mexican NAFTA economic elite made on September 20 2013:
Not one word said about the disparities of wealth in Mexico or the US.  Not one word said about the US backed drug war in Mexico that to date has slaughtered 130,000 people.  Just glowing visions of economic unity and promises of taking care of the (Mexican) undocumented.

For another reality check read how our own US Department of State raves about our economic relations with Mexico.  Pay particular attention to the 1.25 billion dollars a day the bi-national NAFTA elite share:


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