Thursday, March 27, 2014

Immigration Reform: Human Beings Insidiously Profiting From The Suffering Of Human Beings

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Immigration Reform:  Human Beings Insidiously Profiting From The Suffering Of Human Beings

I make the above statement using this definition of the intransitive verb "to profit":  2. To derive advantage; benefit

US corporations and businesses profit from labor provided by the undocumented.  The undocumented suffer from family separations, border crossing deaths, hatred in the US, and continued deportations.  US citizens suffer because of jobs lost to the undocumented.  US citizens also suffer because of over-crowded hospital emergency rooms and unfair demographic changes to their home towns.

The undocumenteds' home country elite profit from billions of dollars in remittances sent back home by the US undocumented.  The undocumented suffer as they are in effect exported by their own government in exchange for remittances.

11.2 million undocumented will profit from immigration reform while said immigration reform will cause the suffering of millions of more undocumented who leave their homes to enter the US illegally.

The Corrections Corporation of America profits by the incarceration of the undocumented.  The undocumented suffer incarcerations and US taxpayers foot the bills.

The undocumented and their advocates profit from immigration reform while they ignore the very poverty that causes suffering in the undocumenteds' own home countries.

Immigration reform will bring profit to Washington's crony border security industrial corporations while American taxpayers will continue to suffer the costs and consequences of  ineffective (yet extremely profitable) border and interior immigration enforcement.

Washington's immigration reform politicians will profit by political gain while the majority of US taxpayers who are promised effective border control will again be ripped off.

The Mexican and US NAFTA elite will continue to share 1.25 billion dollars in cross border trade while the average citizens of both nations will continue to suffer disparities in wealth and poverty. 


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  1. I miss my small hometown of San Jacinto, CA.

    In the mid-1990's San Jacinto was over-run by the Washington condoned, NAFTA exacerbated illegal influx of thousands of undocumented.

    Where is the justice for Americans who have to deal with the costs and consequences of government-sponsored illegal immigration?

    Why is there no remorse by all people concerned?

    I know of many, generous, big-hearted, honest Americans who have had it with this scam.

    They have the right to say no to "immigration reform" that does not solve the decades-long problem of illegal immigration.