Saturday, March 15, 2014

People Will Continue To Suffer and Die While Immigration Reform Misses The Mark

In Response:

People Will Continue To Suffer and Die While Immigration Reform Misses The Mark

I ask you to try and remember what it is that causes people to leave their homes and families to come illegally to the US.

I dare say that those people want a chance at a minimum level of prosperity and peace that they can't find at home.

Many Americans will say "That is not our problem.  That is between the undocumented and their own governments.  Deport them all and seal the border".

I ask those Americans to consider that the elite who run Washington and the elite who run the undocumenteds' home country governments conspire to profit from this illegal immigration status quo. 

The US elite get cheap labor and billions of dollars in tax payer's money for border security industries that ultimately prove to be ineffective.  The undocumenteds' elite profit from billions of dollars in remittances being pumped back into their economies.  They in effect "export" some of their own poor in order for those poor to support their home country families and friends. 

Just like America's war on drugs - all of the profits are in this decades old fight and not the fix.   In both the cases of illegal drugs and illegal immigration privatized prisons are full of inmates.  Billions of US tax payers' dollars are pumped down the elite's designed to be ineffective immigration and drug enforcement black holes.   Billions go back to the home economies while US banks launder drug cartel profits for profit.

Don't both enforcement complexes need illegal people and illegal drugs to thrive?  Don't they also need billions of US tax dollars too?

Finally we all have to consider Washington's own NAFTA and CAFTA which provide profit for those same elite while guaranteeing the undocumented's home country disparity in wealth and poverty.   That disparity in wealth, poverty and hopelessness guarantee this insidious system of profit/labor driven illegal immigration resulting in profit/labor driven immigration reform.

No one on either side of the immigration debate is addressing the above points.  That is why the current drive for immigration reform misses the mark. 

Today's immigration reform, as proposed, will only ensure that people will continue to suffer and die.  Eight thousand undocumented have perished trying to cross the border since NAFTA's inception.  How many murders of American citizens have been committed by hardened undocumented criminals as they blend in with the crowds heading north?


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