Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Immigration Reform: Both Parties Have Painted Themselves Into A Tight Corner With No Apparent Exit

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Immigration Reform:  Both Parties Have Painted Themselves Into A Tight Corner With No Apparent Exit 

Do we listen to the corporate sector who wants undocumented laborers to keep on coming?

Do we listen to "BIG AGRA" lobbyists who profit most from undocumented laborers?

Do we listen to the border security sector who wants billions more in US taxpayer border security boodle? 

Do we listen to reform activists who demand the end of family separating, "innocent" deportations and threaten political retribution at election time? 

Do we listen to US taxpayers who have had it with decades-long, ineffective border and interior enforcement?

Do we ignore the fact that NAFTA actually increased illegal immigration to the US and that 8,000 undocumented have died trying to cross the border since NAFTA's inception?

Do we listen to the Mark Zuckerberg's of the high tech world who have tried to parlay the undocumenteds' plight into more H1-b visas for profit?

Do we listen to bi-national corporate profiteers and investors who rave about our economic ties with Mexico but ignore that poverty will still fuel illegal immigration?

Do we ignore that Mexico is our second largest source of oil?

Do we continue to ignore the Mexican Drug War that has slaughtered some 140,000 of its own citizens?

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