Monday, March 3, 2014

Immigration Reform - Emotionally Driven On The Streets; Profit Driven In Washington

In response:

Immigration Reform - Emotionally Driven On The Streets;  Profit Driven In Washington

On one hand - immigration reform activists justifiably angry and protesting in the streets.  On the other -  American taxpayers justifiably angry and protesting about pending immigration reform.
Generally they blame each other while nothing really gets done to satisfy either side.   

As a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent I have come to the conclusion that this insidious system is running exactly as designed and has been for 35 years that I am aware of.

Despite US laws and enforcement set up to thwart illegal immigration,  the US corporate elite (who run Washington) profit from illegal immigration labor and billions in "border security reform" tax dollars used to promise to stop it.

Meanwhile Washington immigration profiteers have the two groups arguing and fighting with each other rather than encouraging them to join together to fix it.  

This mess is ultimately about corporate-run Washington insidiously using illegal immigration and reform for the simultaneous abuse of undocumented labor and US taxpayers for contracted border security boodle.

Immigration activists who turn up the volume of their protests are unknowingly playing right into Washington's game.  They further galvanize the two sides while shooting themselves in their own feet.

And anti-immigration reform activists are doing the same.  Meanwhile Washington will continue to pretend to be on their side too.  

The net result?  Continued illegal immigration, immigration reform, border deaths, and over-crowded American hospital emergency rooms.  


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