Thursday, March 27, 2014

Illegal Immigration And Illegal Drug Enforcement: Billions In Profits Through "Planned Ineffectiveness"

Illegal Immigration And Illegal Drug Enforcement:  Billions In Profits Through "Planned Ineffectiveness"

I remember hearing the term "planned obsolescence" back in college in 1970.  My understanding of it is that manufacturers purposely design products to break sooner rather than later.  That of course means higher profits through higher sales.  Here is a more in depth discussion of the term "planned obsolescence":

After 26 years with the US Border Patrol/INS/ICE and another 9 years of Mexican Drug War and immigration related studies in retirement, I have come to the conclusion that both systems make billions in profit through a spin-off of planned obsolesce:  "planned ineffectiveness". 

In other words Washington simultaneously makes laws against illegal drugs and illegal immigration while insidiously knowing and planning that corporate profits will be made by the ineffective or impossible-to-enforce illegal immigration and illegal drug laws. 

The FY 2014 DHS budget for US Customs and Border Protection (including the US Border Patrol) is 12.9 billion dollars.

Now Washington is attempting to shove "immigration reform" down our throats with an initial start- up cost of 46.3 billion dollars?  See Section 6 of the Senate's (already passed) S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act

Tell me how anyone can make sense out of US border and interior enforcement when we have 11.2 million undocumented in the US?  11.2 million despite Reagan's 1986 Amnesty, Clinton's 1994 NAFTA, and Bush's 2003 creation of DHS -  all of which promised to control illegal immigration?

Meanwhile The White House is requesting 25.4 billion dollars for their FY 2014 National Drug Strategy?

Tell me how else anyone can make sense out of a 40+ year long, one trillion dollar "drug war" that produces the largest prison population in the world while not reducing the quantity or quality of illegal street drugs one iota?

Anyone who does not think that US corporations do not profit off of illegal labor and US banks do not profit off of laundering cartel drug profits is extremely naïve.

Face it folks - there is no "never-ending big money" to be made in solving illegal immigration.  Cheap labor and ineffective (yet highly profitable) enforcement tax dollars are more important than the quality of lives of US citizens and/or the undocumented.

There is also no "never ending big money" to be made in solving our illegal drug problems.   Washington's drug enforcement industrial complex simultaneously cashes in on taxpayer boodle and illicit drug "dark money".

Time to wake up and smell the coffee folks.  This corruption is insidiously real.  


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