Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Immigration Reform Must Address All Injustices Not Just The Select Few

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Immigration Reform Must Address All Injustices Not Just The Select Few

Is it human nature for immigration advocates to fight against the injustices that only directly affects them the most?  Or is their fight actually part of Washington's brainwashing that historically keeps Washington's insidious system of profit/labor driven illegal immigration and profit- driven reform in place?

How is it that immigration advocates want deportations stopped yet they say noting about the US and home-country economic elite's creation of the very conditions that cause illegal immigration and ensuing deportations to begin with? 

Stopping deportations will not stop Washington's NAFTA and CAFTA trading policies that have for decades exacerbated the undocumented's home country and US disparities in wealth, poverty and illegal immigration to the US. 

Stopping deportations will not stop the number of border crossing deaths.  Stopping deportations and passing immigration reform will undoubtedly promote future undocumented people's dreams of a chance at US prosperity, future reform and continued illegal immigration to the US.

This current corrupt system maintained by the US and undocumenteds' home country economic elite uses the undocumented for labor and remittances.  It also uses US taxpayers for billions in border security boodle while directly sending the undocumenteds' medical, educational and job loss costs and consequences to those same taxpayers.

I will only support immigration reform when it addresses all of the injustices to all people concerned and not just the selected few.


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  1. Most law aiding Americans do not realize that their own government allows the carrots of jobs and immigration reform to be continuously dangled in front of the undocumenteds' hungry faces.

    Most Americans do not realize that the elite who profit off of cheap labor and billions of dollars in border security reform maintain trade polices with the undocumenteds' economic elite that exacerbate illegal immigration to the US.

    Most Americans remain ignorant to the insidious causes of their elite's profit/labor driven illegal immigration system and the fact that said elite has no intention of ever effectively enforcing immigration laws.

    Most Americans blame the symptomatic messengers instead of the corrupt elite who are the real perpetrators of this insanity.

    Would the undocumented come or stay here if they had similar opportunities to prosper at home? No. And there is a reason that Washington keeps it that way.