Friday, May 9, 2014

Americans Suffer As Washington Not Only Creates But Condones "Our" Illegal Immigration Mess

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Americans Suffer As Washington Not Only Creates But Condones "Our" Illegal Immigration Mess

From the attached article above:  "A new federal directive meant to guarantee illegal immigrants get equal access to schools has been in the works since the last guidance was issued three years ago, officials said."

What affect does this have upon America's kids whose teachers and educations are hampered by  classrooms with a majority of undocumented students who can't communicate well in English?

Also from the article:  "The regulations aim to ease (DHS visa) restrictions facing certain foreign workers employed in the United States.  This primarily refers to H1-b high tech visas for the billionaire Mark Zuckerberg's of America.  Here again Washington favors corporate America's lust for profit over hiring US citizen workers.

Washington's immigration policies throw American kids and American workers under Washington's
immigration reform bus.

The message sent to the rest of the world:  "If you get in "we" will educate your kids and eventually make you and your kids legal via "immigration reform" du jour. 

Do you wonder why a discussion of how Washington's own NAFTA, CAFTA, and pending TPP which exacerbate illegal immigration are not found anywhere on Washington's current "immigration reform" radar screen?

Americans are getting the immigration shaft.  They will continue to suffer Washington's and the undocumenteds' consequences of over-crowded hospital emergency rooms, loses of jobs, and unfair demographic changes to their home towns.

Finally one government website and a 9/20/13 speech by VP Biden that leave no doubt as to  Washington's insidious system of profit/labor driven illegal immigration that drives profit-driven "immigration reform" costing US taxpayers 46.3 billion more in "border security" boodle.

The writing is on the border wall.



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