Friday, May 16, 2014

The Raging Immigration Reform Controversy That Isn't

In response:

The Raging Immigration Reform Controversy That Isn't

The raging controversy should be that Washington's immigration profiteers create this illegal immigration mess and then "reform" it by adjusting America's "undocumented count" back to zero in order that you 1% political scam artists can start the insidious process all over again.

How much money are you making a year doing this phony immigration "dog and pony show" Mr. Johnson?  $150,000?   $175,000?

Here is the truth that not only you but immigration reform advocates won't acknowledge:  immigration reform will bring millions more undocumented here and thousands more will die in the process of crossing the border. 

Taxpayers will be scammed out of billions more tax dollars that go towards border security boodle - not effective border and interior enforcement (as the above article clearly demonstrates). 

Meanwhile not one double-talking US politician will fess up to the fact that Washington's own NAFTA, CAFTA, and pending TPP trade polices create this mess and that US taxpayers and the undocumented have simultaneously suffered the costs and consequences of your treachery for decades.

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