Monday, May 5, 2014

Washington Immigration Profiteers Are Pitiful Excuses For Representatives of "We The People"

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Washington Immigration Profiteers Are Pitiful Excuses For Representatives of "We The People"

Hey Joe (Biden) and Nancy P I wonder how many millions more undocumented "Americans" will illegally cross the border (or die in the process) because of your political immigration reform propaganda and double-talk?

You profiteers create illegal immigration for elite profits via NAFTA and CAFTA then you spend billions of US tax dollars to purposely fail to effectively enforce immigration laws.

You play Americans for fools as you think that they can't figure out that Washington needs millions of undocumented in the US in order to capitalize upon another "amnesty du jour".

You let your corporate cronies hire the undocumented and get away with it (much like your Wall Street cronies breaking federal banking laws). Then you dump all of the consequences on US taxpayers who again will have to deal with undocumented-related, over-crowded hospital emergency rooms, losses of jobs, and unfair demographic changes to American home towns.

This all boils down to the undocumented, documented, and US citizen taxpayers being played as pawns in your insidious system of profit/labor driven illegal immigration that eventually requires billions of US tax dollars used for feigned border security and immigration reform.

You guys split up undocumented families, ruin the lives of many US workers, let people die crossing the border and have the gall to ignore your own complicity in creating this mess.

All of the above is exactly what is wrong with Washington today and all of you immigration profiteers are pitiful excuses for representatives of "We The People."

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