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(Final Post) As Planned - Washington's Immigration Reform Leaves America Divided and Conquered

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Final Post

As Planned - Washington's Immigration Reform Leaves America Divided and Conquered

One must read the hundreds posts from the above article in order to comprehend the divided and conquered immigration schizophrenia of American commenters.     

I speak as someone who has worked from the immigration enforcement side of the problem for 26 years and studied it on my own for another 9 years.
Illegal immigration is ultimately about profit from cheap labor in exchange for remittances sent back home.

Immigration reform or amnesty is about setting America's undocumented count back to zero while charging US taxpayers billions of dollars more for planned ineffective border and interior immigration enforcement.

For twenty years now the elite who run Washington have created NAFTA, CAFTA, and pending TPP trade policies that exacerbate illegal immigration. These trade policies also have helped create the largest disparity in world wealth on record. That phenomena is global. It pertains to the US and the undocumenteds' home countries too.

By design the parameters for Washington's immigration debate does not and will not include the above truths. Washington wants us to fight among ourselves.

"It's the undocumenteds' faults". "It's the employers faults". "It's Washington's fault". "It's Mexico's fault". "It's our politicians' faults". "It's the racists' faults". "It's the Democrats' faults". "It's La Raza's fault". "It's the Republicans' faults."

Divided we are conquered. We are also conquered by our own ignorance. We could be brought together by the underlying truths of illegal immigration. I have posted over two hundred articles and responses to those articles on my blog "Victims Unite Twopesos blog". Please check them out, or on your own, study NAFTA. Google "US Department of State Mexico Relations" in order learn about our economic ties with Mexico.

Finally, I strongly suggest googling "Remarks by Vice President Joe Biden at the U.S.-Mexico High Level Economic Dialogue September 20, 2013.

This speech by VP Biden reveals what illegal immigration and immigration reform are all about: continued bi-national economic profits and promises for immigration reform that brings 11.2 million people "out of the shadows" and promises that will without a doubt lure millions more here.

Read and you will see how VP Biden does not refer to "We The People" - or Americans once. There is a reason for that. Americans are not considered in the bi-national trade and immigration debates, although the undocumented are.

This is my last post.  Thank you to all of the people who have taken the time to read what I have to say over the last 8 years.  At the time of this last post there are some 37,156 "hits" on my blog.

I only hope it helps clarify the inhumane immigration policies of the US and it trading partners.

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