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"The Spectrum Of Acceptable Opinion" In Washington's Immigration Reform Debate

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The Spectrum Of Acceptable Opinion In Washington's Immigration Reform Debate  

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Leave it to a free thinking intellectual like Noam Chomsky to nail how Washington and its controlled corporate media control immigration reform opinion and/or (just fill in the blank).

Clear out your immigration cob-webs America.  What has been Washigton's illegal immigration debate for decades?  "Deport all illegals" or "Let all the undocumented all"?  "Secure the border" or "Amnesty For All"?  "Human rights" or "US Citizens Rights"?

I felt Washington's insidious immigration ambiguity working as a US Border Patrol/ICE agent for 26 years. Reagan's 1986 Amnesty was riddled with fraudulent applications.   I thought I was being paid as an INS criminal investigator?  Washington's approach to the immense fraud was to allocate a token force of INS criminal investigators to the job.  Despite this well known fraud, hundreds of thousands of Amnesty permanent residence applications were rubber-stamped through with full knowledge of INS Washington managers.

There was no real debate about amnesty fraud.  The whole thing was over and done before anyone knew what was going on.  The truth was that it was more politically advantageous for the Reagan administration to have Amnesty appear successful than it was for Washington to be honest. 

Here is another example.  As a young agent I reported systemic US Border Patrol overtime fraud back in 1984.  That was 30 years ago and whistleblowers are still attempting to get Washington to correct this fraud today.   See this ABC San Diego news report below:

And the spectrum of that overtime fraud debate?  "Federal Agents tell the truth" or "we eliminated the positions where the overtime was being abused"?  The truth is that the 2014 Senate sub-committee hearings scratched 900 snow flakes off of the tip of the iceberg of some 27,000 positions.

Washington's political image versus telling the truth - Déjà vu

Back to immigration reform.  Washington's true agenda of course is not included in "The Spectrum of Acceptable Opinion".  Illegal immigration is labor and profit driven.  Washington's own Amnesty and NAFTA nearly quadrupled the number of undocumented in the US (3 million to 11.2 million).

Ineffective border and interior immigration enforcement (not unlike Washington's 40+ year long war on drugs)  have become profitable industries for Washington's crony "border security" elite.

Pay attention to this current immigration reform debate in Washington.  Who is speaking for the American citizens who have for decades now had to stand in overcrowded hospital emergency rooms filled with the undocumented?  How about those citizens who lose their jobs to undocumented workers who can survive on $10.00 an hour?  How about those citizens who have watched as the undocumented have changed those citizens' home town demographics to that of a border town?

This is not fair.  It is unjust to not only Americans but the undocumented alike. And, it is caused by our government's corrupt trade policies with those of  the undocumented's' governments.



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