Saturday, May 3, 2014

Oh The Insidiously Tangled Immigration Webs Washington Weaves

In response:

Oh The Insidiously Tangled Immigration Webs Washington Weaves

Washington your immigration jig is up.  You have played both sides against the middle (class of America) and put your cronies profits above America's interests for decades too long.

We are not buying your illegal immigration and "comprehensive immigration reform" lies anymore.

You have no interest in securing the border because your corporate cronies simultaneously make "mucho dinero" off of US undocumented labor and taxpayer "border security boodle".  Also your corrupt, foreign-trade, corporate-crony allies make too much money off of the billions of undocumented remittance dollars annually send home for any of us to trust you again.

The jig is also up on US banks laundering cartel drug monies.  Is it any wonder you have allowed the US drug war to drag on for over 40 years?

Illegal immigration and illegal drugs are two sides of the same coin. The pinnacle of your dark connections to Mexico's NAFTA and "drug war" elite:  Harvard and Bill "NAFTA" Clinton honoring ex-Mexican "100,000 Drug War Dead" President Felipe Calderon with their First Angelopoulos Global Leader award and fellowship:

Tell me who advocates for the millions more undocumented who will surely come as a result of this immigration reform charade?  How about those who will die crossing the border? 

That's right.  No one speaks on their behalf because if anyone did it would reveal how your trade policies and corruption self-inflict illegal immigration wounds on America.

VP Biden's September 2013 speech to the Mexican economic elite reveals Washington's and Los Pinos' (Mexican White House) true intentions and dark natures:  economic profit at the expense of US taxpayers and the Mexican undocumented.
You political immigration profiteers have tried to sell America's soul to corruption.  We know what you are doing.

PS.  You clowns want to double the size of the US Border Patrol via "comprehensive immigration reform" while ignoring the system-wide overtime abuse that is going on?

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