Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Washington's Immigration Cuckoo Clock Has Been Spewing For Decades Mr. President

In response:

Washington's Immigration Cuckoo Clock Has Been Spewing For Decades Mr. President  

That's the one you politicians in Washington won't tell the truth about. 

That's the one you have let evolve into an insidious system of illegal immigration for corporate labor, political profit, home elite remittances and resulting immigration reform that scams US taxpayers out of billions of dollars of crony, corporate, enforcement boodle.

That's the one where you Washington immigration profiteers get to offer labor peonage "reform" bribes to 11.2 million undocumented people.  And by disgracefully accepting your self-serving bribes together you will guarantee that millions more undocumented will be lured here and thousands more will suffer border deaths until causing your corrupt, insane clock to strikes "reform" or "amnesty"  time once again.  

Yep.  That's the one that is powered by undocumented labor and taxpayers' monies.  

That's the one that you let ignore the effects of illegal immigration upon your own taxpayers. 

Why don't you go to any large cities' hospital emergency rooms in Northern or Southern California and wait in overcrowded hospital emergency rooms.  Wait with your aging parents who have paid taxes for this madness for over eighty years?  What a slap in the face to us all! 

Or lose your job to undocumented person who can survive on 10 bucks an hour.  Or send your kids to schools where the classroom adjusts down to the pace of over half of the students who can not communicate well in English.  Or go to San Jacinto, CA and talk to the long-time residents who have witnessed their lovely town's demographics unfairly turn into an undocumented border town.

Yes Mr. President.  Time is running out on Washington's illegal immigration lies and immigration reform madness.


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