Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Why Are Wahington's Illegal Immigration And Immigration Reform Such Confounded Messes?

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Why Are Washington's Illegal Immigration And Immigration Reform Such Confounded Messes?

The primary reason is that Washington does not tell the truth about either.

Washington's concern with its corrupt NAFTA trading partner Mexico outweighs its concerns for illegal immigration from Mexico.  1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade, second largest source of oil, and US investments in Mexico (Wal-Mart) trump any of America's complaints or concerns about illegal immigration to the US.

Washigton's corporate cronies profit from the use of undocumented labor.   These include but are not limited to the agricultural, hotel-motel, fast food, food processing, and construction industries.  There are not enough ICE agents out there to effectively enforce employer sanctions and E-verify will never be mandatory.  Washington immigration profiteers have wanted to keep it that way since at least Reagan's 1986 Amnesty.

Washigton's corporate cronies simultaneously profit off undocumented labor and billions of US tax dollars pumped into ineffective crony border and interior enforcement complexes.

You are aware that the Senate's latest reform scam - S. 744 asks for 46.3 billion dollars more in US tax dollars for border security right?  Why do you think Boehner stresses "border security" as the first "chunk" that he wants to tackle?     See Section 6 (a) (2)(A):

And John McCain wants to give RPI status to 11.2 million undocumented under Section 2101 while simultaneously asking to double the size of the US Border Patrol under 1102(a) and (for extra corrupt Arizona pork) 200 million for Arizona Prosecutions (S.744 Section 6 (a)(3)(C)(2)(B)(i) referenced in 1104(a)(1) 200 million more for plus Arizona's and FEMA "Operation Stonegarden" (S.744 Section 6 (a)(3)(C)(2)(B)(ii) referenced in Section 1104(b).

That a boy John.  Let 'em in so that you can put more in jail.  And why is FEMA on the border?
And you want to double the size of the border patrol knowing this kind of corruption is taking place?  (see link directly below):


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