Friday, May 9, 2014

Huffington Post "Latino Voices" Writers Spin a "Politico" Article Into Their Own Alternate Universe

In response:

Huffington Post "Latino Voices" Writers Spin a "Politico" Article Into Their Own Alternate Universe

Title to HP's Latino Voices'  "lead-in" that links to the original Politico article:
"DHS Head Meets With Groups That Want To Deport People At Random". 

Actual Politico Article Title that HP links:
"Jeh Johnson Meets With Immigration Reform Critics"

HP your "lead-in" spin is so far off the original article title that it puts you in an alternate universe. 
Your spin "deporting people at random" implies that the immigration reform critics meeting with DHS want "people at random" to be deported.
Random is random.  Doesn't "people at random" include the anti-immigration activists themselves? 
Of course rather than being responsible journalists you at HP leave it to the reader to figure out what is the truth behind your unprofessional, biased slant.

By the way DHS actually does its best not to deport US citizens.   So the operative word that you forget to mention in your "people at random" rhetoric was "deportable" people at random.

Yes, in the alternate universe where HP "Latino Voices" writers live, "people at random" are being deported.

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