Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Cop Hopped Up On His Own Egoistic Righteousness And A Badge Gets Away With Murder

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A Cop Hopped Up On His Own Egoistic Righteousness And A Badge Gets Away With Murder

In an unprecedented move St. Louis County prosecuting attorney Robert McCulloch dumped his prosecutorial responsibilities upon a grand jury.  By doing so McCulloch created a quagmire in which a "true bill" for probable cause to try Wilson for Brown's death was buried in a nightmare of testimony and evidence that only an actual trail jury should have been allowed to sift through.

The results?  Michael Brown was fallaciously tried without legal representation.        

Beyond the above there was no reason for Wilson to have to pursue the wounded Brown on foot and continue to shoot at Brown.

Brown was running for his life.  Where would he go?  How could he hide?

Wilson easily could have jumped back in his vehicle, turned around and followed the wounded Brown until other backup arrived.

Nope.  Wilson saw his chance for five minutes of fame and took it. 

This case represents a cop hopped up on his own egoistic righteousness getting away with murder.  A cop not only immorally acting under his color of authority but immorally protected by it too. 

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The same unconscious culture that created the conditions for the Wilson and Brown incident to happen creates the majority of the ignorant, callous, American- exceptionalist posters below.

The hell you see is the hell you create and are responsible for.
May you be free from danger.
May you be physically and mentally happy.
May you have ease of support and well being.
May you be liberated.


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