Friday, November 14, 2014

Priming The Illegal Immigration Pump Washington Style

In response:

Priming the Illegal Immigration Pump Washington Style

Washington tries to appease the pro immigration crowd with some "provisional" visas for dreamers and their parents. The trade off will be pumping billions more tax dollars into their crony corporate border security crowd's pockets.

Give a little here, take a lot more there. Meanwhile - the status quo of profitized illegal immigration will continue to gorge itself upon millions more undocumented laborers and billions more in border security boodle.

And US taxpayers will (as they have since Reagan's Amnesty) continue to suffer the costs and consequences of Washington's fallacious immigration narrative.

The deportation section of the border security complex will continue to rake in the bucks as the Corrections Corporation of America charges US taxpayers $125.00 per person per day for incarceration. CCA's bed space is 33,000 as new detention prisons are being built now.

Only a fool would believe that the feigned liberal and/or conservative factions within this Kleptocracy parading as a democracy are real.

There is not one thing Washington does or does not do about illegal immigration that does not have a profit angle to it.

Washigton's corporate cronies simultaneously cash in on both the illegal sides and the enforcement sides of illegal immigration and illegal drugs.

Meanwhile ignorant posters blame the undocumented, Obama, Mexico, Central America, liberals, their mommas etc.

Or they come up with all these simple solutions that will never be used.

Arguing about or within Washington's immigration narrative keeps people dumbed down to that narrative and accomplishes nothing but maintaining the failed status quo.

Designed to keep Americans fighting and unaware of Washington's role in creating illegal immigration.

The Washington kleptocracy's continuing immigration hoax depends upon voters getting all stirred up, blame gaming and fighting each other.

Meanwhile - the lifeblood of their illegal immigration monster- cheap labor and border security boodle - will continue to fuel Washington's insidious immigration narrative and its insidious immigration status quo.

Obama will kiss the Mexican elite's NAFTA/Narco culos but not say one word about 43 murdered students killed by narco thugs connected to the Governor of the Mexican state of Guerrero and Mexican Present Pena-Nieto's political party.

Tell my why that after decades of debating illegal immigration Americans have forgotten the reason that the undocumented from (fill in the blank) or Mexico come here?
Primarily it is about putting food on their tables.

Do you know that Washington's own NAFTA fattens the pockets of the bi-national trading elite while enlarging the disparities in wealth of all countries involved to unheard of levels?

Washington co-creates this mess then pretends to fix it with some type of Amnesty du jour (immigration reform) which contains to provisions whatsoever that deal with the reason the undocumented come here.

Meanwhile Washington corporate cronies tag-team rape not only the undocumented, but US taxpayers too. Use one group for cheap labor and eventual "immigration reform" while taking billions of tax dollars from the second for "designed to be semi-effective" border enforcement. Both insidiously feed off each other and exacerbate this decades' long, insane cycle.

in response:

I wonder who few if any here talk about the economic reasons that illegal immigration has become a Washington institution and guaranteed to continue?

This ongoing sham ultimately is about profit from millions of laborers and billions of your tax dollars going to ineffective border security boodle.

And as most people sense, We The People have no say so in this sham (except for the bantering back with forth with each other powerless commentators).

I don't think the majority of posters here really understand what is driving Washington's narrative about illegal immigration.  I say that as a person who worked within the system for 26 years (US Border Patrol/INS/ICE) and studied it another 10 years in retirement. 

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