Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Other Pawns In Washington's Illegal Immigration Scam

In Response:

The Other Pawns In Washington's Illegal Immigration Scam

Americans have had it with having to suffer the costs and consequences of Washington's decades' long, profitized illegal immigration scam.

Do any of Washington's millionaire politicians have to wait in line in over-crowded hospital emergency rooms? Lose jobs to the undocumented? See their tax dollars wasted on ineffective border security? Watch as failed enforcement unfairly turns the demographics of their towns into that of border towns?

Nope. Those calling the immigration shots live way above all that.

We know we are being used as pawns, just as the undocumented are. Yet who will put a stop to this madness?

President Obama do you expect us to be compassionate for the other pawns in this game while ignoring our own dignity and self respect?  Do you expect "We The People" to be labeled the "bad guys" because Washington abuses the undocumented at our expense?

How dare you President Obama (or Washington) victimize us for your cronies' profits.  How dare you dictate that "We The People" must accept your position - or be labeled as uncompassionate and uncaring because of your unilateral, undemocratic actions!

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