Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Power of Willful Ignorance And Immigration Reform

The Power Of Willful Ignorance And Immigration Reform

One cannot underestimate the power of willful ignorance as it applies to illegal immigration and immigration reform.

Washington capitalizes upon America's willful ignorance about many issues, and illegal immigration is one of them: 

The majority of the undocumented come here because they need to feed their families

Washington's corporate cronies (agriculture, construction, fast-food, hotel-motel, food processing) not only hire but profit from using undocumented laborers

Washington's NAFTA and its war on drugs are designed to exacerbate profitable illegal immigration

Washington's Immigration "reform" rewards and guarantees its profitable illegal immigration cycle

Washington's cronies make billions from tax payer funded, ineffective border security boodle

Washington's ineffective yet profitized war on drugs and illegal immigration have dragged on at tax payer expense for over 40 years

Voters "buy into" and continually debate Washington's fallacious, illegal immigration narrative

Americans also suffer the costs and consequences of Washington's insidious system of profitized illegal immigration (overcrowded emergency rooms, school rooms, job loses, and unfair demographic changes to American home towns) 

Washington's ineffective drug and immigration enforcement have become institutionalized and normalized in America

Washington's profitized yet ineffective handling of illegal immigration is no different than that of its handling of health care, jobs, fuel and food costs, education, housing, jobs, elections, foreign policy (war) and the economy.

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