Thursday, November 27, 2014

Washington's Horrendous Border Hunger Games Are No Joke Mr. President

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Washington's Horrendous Border Hunger Games Are No Joke Mr. President

Study Washington's insidious approach to illegal immigration and you will see that the system is set up to keep people suffering in poverty at home and coming illegally to the US. 

Yes, over the years you will see give and take - as in Amnesties or some relief for the undocumented "balanced" with billions more taxpayer dollars given away in border security boodle.  With that said, the system keeps causing more people to come by rewarding a few. 

Is this not Washington's Horrendous Border Hunger Games? 

Yes undocumented, if you can make it though you will be allowed to work for us for years and you may be able to stay.  Meanwhile taxpayers Washington will continue to use you and lie to you as you suffer the costs and consequences of this scam.    

Everyone needs to address this decade's old scam.  People will continue to come and die crossing the border.  Deportations will continue.  Taxpayers will remain angry.  And unless everyone involved educates themselves to the above and protests the above, we all will be just as responsible as Washington's immigration profiteers for the deaths and suffering that will without a doubt continue.

John Randolph is a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent who writes and blogs under the name twopesos:

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