Sunday, November 23, 2014

Washington Has Again Immigration Punked America

In response:

Washington Has Again Immigration Punked America

Punked, deceived, swindled, defrauded, duped, hoaxed, hoodwinked, bamboozled etc.

Obama's executive action is simply another step down Washington's insidiously dark, decades' old, profitized illegal immigration hole. 

That hole is so deep and dark that most Americans can't even remember why it exists.

Illegal immigration is primarily driven by hunger and poverty.  The vast majority of the undocumented come illegally to the US to put food on their own families' tables and to improve their lives.

Notice how Washington's political illegal immigration narrative never really addresses the reason that undocumented people come here?  Does that not seem a bit odd to you?

Another point you will never hear Washington's immigration profiteers discuss:  Washington's culpability in creating the same illegal immigration that they pretend to try and control or "reform".

One need's simply to research NAFTA and the US War on Drugs as they relate to illegal immigration in order to understand Washington's true motives.

Two other points:  Washington's corporate cronies profit from not only undocumented labor but also from billons in border security tax dollars.   As with Washington's war on drugs, corporate profits from illegal immigration are made from both the legal enforcement side (border security tax dollars) and the illegal profit side (the use of the undocumented for labor and reform).

Finally effective enforcement of either of these decades'-old illegal problems is a sham.  Effective enforcement would effectively stop the illegal and legal payoffs for Washington's never-ending, self-inflicted "wounds".


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