Friday, November 21, 2014

Will Washington's Border Hunger Games Get Harder to "Win?

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Will Washington's Border Hunger Games Get Harder To "Win"?

Does Obama and Washington really care about the undocumented and their families? Or is his executive order simply another insidious ploy to keep his Corporate Masters' party in power while keeping undocumented laborers coming to the US for said Masters' profits?   

Did you notice - or have you ever noticed - how Obama and Washington ignore their Corporate Master's NAFTA and Drug War as central factors exacerbating illegal immigration to the US?  

Yet Washington may try and give another faction of his Corporate Masters (those of the border security industrial complex) 20,000 more border patrol agents?  Washington will push for the House to pass the Senate's S744 which not only contains an initial price tag of 46.3 billion dollars, but calls for the doubling in size of the US Border Patrol too.  Think of the costs passed on to taxpayers - payroll, training, border patrol stations, detention centers, court personnel, overtime pay, retirements, cars, guns, ammunition, walkie-talkies, cell phones, computers, law suits, Et. al.

Think of Washington's Corporate Masters' 40+ year long, one trillion dollar failed drug war.  Their illegal immigration version of the same is not far behind.    

Only a fool would ignore the fact that Obama's executive order will - without a doubt - entice millions more undocumented people to come to the US.  Only a fool would believe that hungry, motivated people can be stopped from finding a way into the US.

Only a fool would believe that America won't go through this immigration reform rigamarole again.
By the way, I speak as a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent.  I speak as someone who recently exposed US Border Patrol overtime corruption. In fact this corruption is the same corruption I exposed 30 years ago as a young agent.

Most importantly of all - think of how much more difficult it will be for hungry people to cross the border in order to come to work for Obama's and Washington's Corporate Masters. 
Think of Obama's action, its promise for a better life and how it will drive more poor people here. Think of continued border deaths.

Obama pretends to care for the undocumented and their families yet he says not one word about Washington's corrupt trade and drug war policies that not only causes those people to suffer in poverty at home but also entices them to come to America illegally.  

Yes Mr. President your Border Hunger Games just got harder and more fallacious.

I dare say that the blood of the undocumented who will suffer border deaths to come is on your hands, Washington's and your Corporate Masters'.

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