Thursday, November 20, 2014

The American Middle Class - Tag-team Immigration Swindled

In response:

The American Middle Class - Tag-team Immigration Swindled 

The American middle class - tag-team immigration swindled by the people "we" elect to represent our best interests.

One party plays the good immigration cop, the other the bad; yet both work for the same department of kleptocracy.

Both parties use the undocumented to further their masters' lust for cheap labor and border security boodle.

Meanwhile the American taxpayers are stuck with the costs and consequences.

The undocumented will keep coming yet none of these Washington immigration profiteers (who all claim to stand for the dignity of human beings and their families) will say one word about the border deaths or continued poverty their decades' old, corrupt NAFTA/drug war swindle will continue to produce.

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