Wednesday, November 12, 2014

John M. Ackerman: A Voice Of Reason And Truthfulness From Mexico

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John M. Ackerman:  A Voice Of Reason And Truthfulness From Mexico

Thank you to John M. Ackerman who continues to be a voice of reason and truthfulness from Mexico while  Obama and Washington "take the 5th" on their corrupt, narco-run, NAFTA conspiring, so-called "democracy" to the south.

Washington's insidious illegal immigration and drug war narratives continue to hide the American elite's profitization of both of these decade's-long money makers that now have become institutionalized as the American way of life

Americans need to wake up.  This isn't a result of Washington interfering in the Middle East;  this is unimaginable violence happening to our good neighbors to the south.  

And anyone who thinks that what is not happening in Mexico is "not our problem" is ignorantly naïve. 

You see folks Obama and Washington do not want you to know what is taking place in Mexico. 
Washington continually ignores the drug war and NAFTA nightmare they have created which simultaneously not only exacerbates illegal immigration but fattens their corporate cronies' labor and border security boodle pockets.
Most American posters' arguments about immigration ignore the underbelly of Washington's insidious system of profitized illegal immigration and never-ending drug war. As such they argue about - and rip each other apart about - that which is insignificant or meaningless to any real solutions to illegal immigration.

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