Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Bi-National (US/Mexico) Disgrace

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A Bi-National (US/Mexico) Disgrace

The bi-national US and Mexican governments are a disgrace.  In 2006 Washington conspired with Mexican President Felipe Calderon to start the ill-fated Mexican Drug War.  Over 120,000 deaths later, how did the US repay Mr. Calderon?  With none other than Harvard's First Angelopoulos (Clinton) Global Leader Award and lucrative fellowship

Now the Mexican congress wants the US to facilitate violence-related asylum cases from Mexico?  Mexican citizens have been and continued to be murdered by the thousands because of this ill-fated US backed drug war, and now Americans will be asked to absorb asylum cases resulting from this bi-national insanity?

The US has been fighting its own failed drug war  for  over 40 years, yet in 2006 Mexico hops on board to start its "own"?  

This drug war is a bi-national disgrace as is their bi-national system of profitized Mexican illegal immigration.

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