Friday, January 3, 2014

Mexican Tax Hike Hurts Their Poor The Most

In response:

Mexican Tax Hike Hurts Their Poor The Most

Who will continue to suffer the most because of the corrupt, cartel-run Mexican government?  The same poor people who are pushed here because of that corrupt, cartel-run government's US-backed, NAFTA promoted poverty and illegal immigration which are insidiously exchanged for billions in remittances sent back to Mexico by their US undocumented.

And what does Washington say or do about Mexican illegal immigration and illegal drugs?  Besides using illegal immigration and illegal drugs as propaganda to siphon off billions more of US taxpayers' money for the enrichment of their crony border security industrial complex - NADA! (NOTHING)!

Finally who knows if this tax hike will cause some of their poor to decide to try and enter the US illegally. 

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