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Mexican Immigration And Drug War Revolution: When Human Life Becomes Our Number One Priority

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Mexican Immigration And Drug War Revolution:  When Human Life Becomes Our Number One Priority

The majority of our problems in not only the US, Mexico and the entire world result from the select bi-national and global elite who insidiously value monetary wealth above human life.

As a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent, this atrocity became personally evident after experiencing the results of the bi-national (Mexico/US) elite's immigration and drug war  policies.

Mexican Illegal Immigration

Razor wire fences do not cause one country to be more prosperous than the other.  It the governments stupid.  Both profit from cheap labor being exchanged for billions in remittances while their own NAFTA caused and causes economic suffering on both sides of the line that pushed (and pushes) and pulled (and pulls) millions of undocumented North.

NAFTA might have worked for the rich, but not for the US middle class or Mexico's poor.

Question:  If the US and Mexico share 1.25 billon dollars a day in cross border trade, why do their undocumented still come into the US to attempt to grab some prosperity?  Read a few paragraphs of how our own Department of State glorifies "our relations" with Mexico:

In 1986 it was Reagan's Amnesty.  Today it is "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" that simultaneously bribes 11.2 million people with citizenship for 13 years of labor AND initially rapes US taxpayers out of 46.3 billion dollars in border security boodle.  See Section 6 of S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act for the boodle facts (including $200 million over 4 years for "Gang of 8" reform writer John McCain's Arizona Border Patrol Tucson Sector) and Title II Subtitle A for the Registered Provisional Immigrant (labor peonage for possible citizenship) information.  By the way, "provisional" is defined as "arranged or existing for the present, possibly to be changed later."

Granted the House did not blindly accept the Senate's S.744 yet when and if the house comes up with their own version of "reform" I will bet my bottom dollar that it will include the 46.3 billion dollars of tax payer monies for their bipartisan border security industrial complex cronies.

All the tragedies of border deaths, family separations, and US crimes committed by the small percentage of real undocumented criminals means nothing to the bi-national elite and their cost of doing illegal immigration/illegal drug businesses. 

US Backed Mexican Drug War

Started in 2006 by Mexican President Felipe Calderon and continuing today with Washington's support of current President Peña Nieto and billion of our tax dollars, Mexico's version of our 40+ year failed war on drugs rages on.  Who in their right mind would actually believe that one of the most corrupt governments in the world would use their own corrupt, cartel-run military to wipe out organized (cartel) crime in Mexico?  

Common sense tells me that our drug war and NAFTA "devil" elite have made pact with the Mexican "devil" elite.  Over 120,000 mostly collaterally slaughtered in Mexico, and not one peep out of Obama, Biden, or any US politicians?  Guess that 1.25 billion dollars a day hush money has sealed their morality and lips for (their) good.

You have to read "Remarks by Vice President Joe Biden at the U.S.-Mexico High Level Economic Dialogue" made in Mexico on September 20, 2013.  You don't even have to read between the lines to see what matters most to the bi-national elite, and I dare you to find one sentence about Mexico's Drug War.

And how does the Harvard University elite (including Bill Clinton and Gianna Angelopoulos)  reward their little Mexican NAFTA/Drug War/Puppet President Calderon?


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