Tuesday, January 14, 2014

With 40+ Years Of The US War On Drugs - How Long Will Mexico's Go On?

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With 40+ Years Of The US War On Drugs - How Long Will Mexico's Go On?

Washington supports the current Mexican Drug War despite the fact that Washington has been fighting and losing one of its own for over 40 years.  I wonder why?

Mexico's current Drug War officially started in 2006 under President Felipe Calderon.  100,000+ deaths later, where is Mr. Calderon today?

Check out these speeches by VP Biden an President Obama.  They talk a lot about our mutual economies and immigration reform  yet they do not say one word about Mexico's US supported, ongoing drug war.  I wonder why?

Do you really want to know what this drug war means to the bi-national elite?  Please read about John Ackerman
and then listen to this Real News Interview:

These two corrupt governments do not care about the undocumented, the addicted, the incarcerated, or the murdered.  They only care about cheap labor, remittances, illegal drug profits, money laundering, NAFTA trade and the "border security industrial complex's" tax payer funded profits that only benefit the bi-national elite. 

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