Sunday, January 19, 2014

The House Will Rubber Stamp John McCain's Immigration Reform Pork For Arizona

The House Will Rubber Stamp John McCain's Immigration Reform Pork For Arizona

The Senate's "Gang of 8" version of comprehensive immigration reform S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act was passed by the Senate on June 27, 2013.

Of course the House as of yet has not adopted this Senate's bill. 

Meanwhile on December 3, 2013 Speaker of the House Boehner hired Senator John McCain's top tier immigration policy aide Rebecca Tallent.  I wonder why? 

Hello House, here comes Johnny!

Back to S.744.  Any bets that the House's up and coming immigration reform bill will include border security funding that is similar the Senate's S.744? See Section 6 of S.744 for the initial asking taxpayer price of $46.3 billion dollars.

McCain's Arizona Pork - Will Ms. Tallent Succeed?

Back to S.744.  After Section 6, check out sections 1104 (a) and (b).  In a nutshell Section (a) beefs up all parties concerned by 200 million over 4 years in order to increase "Operation Streamline" border prosecutions up to 210 a day.  Please read about this insidious "Operation Streamline" that has been in effect since 2007.  

You do the math.  $120 per undocumented person per a day times 210 prosecutions equals $25,200 tax payer dollars per day once the CCA jail is full.

Sure McCain wants to grant 11.2 million people RPI status IF he can cash in on 1104(a)!

Now to 1104(b) "Operation Stonegarden".  Another 200 million over 4 years to beef up the US Border Patrol and FEMA's stealth operations.  Read this article:

Read on:  doubling the size of the US Border Patrol (1102),  new drones, planes, boats, helicopters, horses, mobile /permanent surveillance equipment, training etc.

John McCain should submit his own bill:  Arizona Border Security Reform Boodle By The Billions


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