Thursday, January 30, 2014

Washington's Insidious System Of Profit-Driven Illegal Immigration and Profit-Driven Immigration Reform

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Washington's Insidious System Of Profit-Driven Illegal Immigration and Profit-Driven Immigration Reform

Oh the tangled immigration reform webs Washington profiteers weave.

Today's Washington (as it has done in the Reagan and Clinton past) is pitching America two "solutions" to illegal immigration:  secure the border and legalization (reformed amnesty) of their now 11.2 million undocumented.

Of course their comprehensive immigration reform will be padded with all of their immigration lobbyist's bribes.  For instance, America's Mark Zuckerberg's are nipping at the bit for more high tech H1-b visas in order to employee foreign workers instead of Americans.

Yet Washington primarily expects us to accept their sound bite solutions to this very complex issue of illegal immigration.   That acceptance or trust is their easy and expected way of trying lull us into  complacency. 

Rather than listen to me blab, read how our own US Department of State describes Washington's relations with Mexico.  Pay particular attention to the facts of our shared 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade and Mexico being our number two source of oil.

I stonily suggest that you read VP Biden's September 20, 2013 speech given to the Mexican economic elite in Mexico.  Pay particular attention to how Biden glorifies our present and future economic ties with Mexico and how Washington will bring the US undocumented "out of the shadows".
I have to throw this one in there.  Do you know about the current ongoing US backed drug war in Mexico?  See how Harvard treats a Mexican president who used his corrupt Military to slaughter over 120,000 people in their attempt to wipe out rival cartel competition.

Finally read these articles about NAFTA and how it exacerbated US illegal immigration.

Now look at today's Washington's Trans Pacific Partnership (NAFTA on steroids).

You have to get this.  Washington is in cahoots with the undocumenteds' home country elite to continue and expand their insidious system of profit-driven illegal immigration and profit-driven immigration reform.

The undocumented and American taxpayers are paying the price of this travesty.


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