Thursday, January 23, 2014

Washington's Reprehensible Immigration "Reform" Will Not Solve The Actuality Of Illegal Immigration

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Washington's Reprehensible Immigration "Reform" Will Not Solve The Actuality Of Illegal Immigration  

Will more Latino voters translate to an end to Washington's self-righteous greed and man-made poverty that drive illegal immigration?  Or will those votes simply translate to the passing of immigration reform that creates a new sub-class of laborers (Registered Provisional Immigrants) who must perform 13 years of labor for Washington elite's in order to earn US citizenship?  

As of yet I have not heard any immigration reform activists protest US/home-country trade policies i.e. NAFTA which exacerbate poverty as the root cause of illegal immigration. 

It is as if once the undocumented cross the border their own selfishness takes over.  They seem to disregard why they came here to begin with.  In all fairness maybe they don't understand why.  Or maybe, unfortunately, they don't care?

Maybe they simply assimilate or become American (undocumented) exceptionalists well?

They are pushed here from their home-countries by their elite who care more about US trade and remittances than they do about the welfare of their own citizens. Eight thousand undocumented have died crossing the border since NAFTA's inception in 1994.  They are used by the US elite for cheap labor and immigration reform that has only institutionalized this entire insidious cycle.

As of yet I have not heard the undocumented or reform activists express any remorse for the adverse impact the undocumenteds' illegal immigration has upon average Americans.

Is it any wonder that the undocumented victims of Washington's insidious system of profitized illegal immigration and resulting reform who disregard the American victims of said undocumenteds' coerced actions become alienated and angry at the undocumented?

The undocumented victims, their supporters and American victims could unite as a common front against Washington's profit-driven illegal immigration for labor and immigration reform for billions of taxpayers' dollars pumped down Washigton's cronies' border security black hole.

This remains to be seen.  If history repeats itself this self-serving, unconsciously driven immigration reform will pass AND will not solve the very problem of illegal immigration that necessitated reform.

Americans will again believe that Washington's border and interior enforcement plans will solve the problem.  The 11.2 million undocumented will wave American flags and celebrate their own bribery and enslavement.  Washington and home-country elite who reap the monetary benefits of their insidious, never-ending, profitized cycle of illegal immigration will praise their puppet government's fine humanitarian accomplishments for the prosperity of all concerned. 

Meanwhile - the border nightmare will become further militarized making it look like Mexico and the US are at war with each other instead of being two supposedly friendly, "democratic" trading partners.  Millions more undocumented will be economically and emotionally coerced into crossing our increasingly dangerous border.  US taxpayers will continue to suffer the costs and consequences of the undeniable wave of illegal immigration to come.

The blood of those who die crossing the border will be on hands of every politician, undocumented person and supporter of this insidious immigration reform.  

Immigration "reform" that does contain a solution to its own actuality is despicably and immorally insane.



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