Friday, January 17, 2014

Washington's Sordid Bait And Switch Immigration Reform Scandal

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Washington's Sordid Bait And Switch Immigration Reform Scandal

The bait:  bringing 11.2 million people "out of the shadows" in exchange for effective border enforcement.

The switch:  11.2 million people (future possible voters) put in 13 years of labor for citizenship peonage while charging US taxpayers 46.3 billion dollars for their never-ending illegal immigration for reform scam.

It's the NAFTA created poverty stupid.

In all of the years I worked as a US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent, I knew something was very fishy about Washington's approach to illegal immigration.  I used to say that we (The US Border Patrol) were like a sieve;  we slowed people down but never really had the recourses to effectively stop them.

In my first year (1979) there was a scandal involving Castro and President Carter.  Apparently Carter agreed with Castro to transfer a certain number of political refugees from Cuba to the US.  Castro instead emptied out his worst prisons.  We in the US received some of the most hardened criminals in the world.  I remember reading a Reader's Digest article on the wave of murders committed by this group of Cubans.  

Then there were obvious cases like the California I-5 traffic checkpoint at San Clemente automatically shutting down every Sunday  at 5PM because of public complaints about delay in traffic heading north.  Then there was the enormous amount of applicant fraud that Washington overlooked during Reagan's 1986 Amnesty.

There were simple questions like why are we chasing people around at night like animals when we know for a fact that some of them are picking fruits and vegetables that Americans consume?

Fast-forward to NAFTA and Bill Clinton promising (again) a fix to illegal immigration. Besides exporting US jobs, NAFTA caused the "importation" of the single largest amount of undocumented into the US on record.

Twenty years later, what has NAFTA done for the US middle class and Mexico's poor?

Yet look at how Vice President Biden and our US Department of State rave about our economic future with Mexico:

You can't forget the US backed drug war in Mexico that has taken over 120,000 lives since 2006:

Now we have 2014 and Immigration Reform.   Study the Senate's S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act in order to grasp what these profiteers are up to. 

See Title II for how they will take 11.2 million people and offer them 13 years of labor peonage for a chance at US citizenship.  Section 6 for Funding and how US taxpayers will be initially raped for 46.3 billion dollars in border security boodle.  See Section 1102 for their insane doubling the size of the US Border Patrol.  See Section 1104 to see how Senator John McCain's Tucson Border Patrol Sector will get an extra 200 million over 4 years in order to ramrod groups of 210 undocumented a day through Federal court and the Corrections Corporation of America privatized immigration prisons.   Don't miss Section 1104(B) and the extra 200 million FEMA and the US Border Patrol get for "Operation Stonegarden".

Economic policies like NAFTA which creates poverty, illegal immigration (for labor and remittances) and require reform involving billions of US taxpayers dollars have become insidiously institutionalized in Washington.  Drug and border deaths I say are simply the bi-national animal elite's costs of doing their bi-national immoral businesses.  So are the job losses to US citizens and the separation of the undocumented's families.


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