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Connect The Dots Between The Bi-National NAFTA/NARCO-Elite and Immigration Reform

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Connect The Dots Between The Bi-National NAFTA/NARCO-Elite and Immigration Reform

In 1994 Bill Clinton championed NAFTA as the end to illegal immigration to the US.  He simultaneously started "Operating Gatekeeper" in San Diego as the beginning of US border militarization eastward.

So was Clinton trying to double-down on his promise that NAFTA would stop illegal immigration or was he simply trying to enrich Washington's border security industrial complex?  I choose to believe that he knew exactly what disastrous effects NAFTA would have on the Mexican economy.  I think Clinton knew that the rush north would be on so he was trying to profit off of border militarization too.

What did NAFTA do to illegal immigration to the US?

Some 600,000 American jobs lost and a new trade deficit with Mexico.

Read what the US Department of State says about our current "relations" with Mexico today.  1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade and our number two source of oil.   Clearly someone is making out from NAFTA:  just not the US middle class or Mexican poor.

Back to Bill Clinton.  I find it interesting that in April of 2012 Clinton met with Dean Ellwood of Harvard Kennedy School of Government and wealthy Greek diplomat Gianna Angelopoulos having  discussions about Harvard's Global Public Leader's program.

Lo and behold in late 2012 Harvard elite selects Mexican "Drug War" President Felipe Calderon as their First Angelopoulos Global Leader with an accompanying one year lucrative fellowship.

Was this the US NAFTA or drug war elite rewarding Mexican President Calderon with a "Global Leader's Award" despite Calderon's corrupt, blood stained legacy?  Calderon's US backed war sacrificed over 100,000 people as this tyrant insanely used the biggest cartel of them all - the Mexican Military - to attempt to wipe out cartel competition under the banner of fighting organized crime.  Mexico is organized crime!  Just exactly who is Harvard, Clinton, and Angelopoulos trying to kid?

Has not NAFTA and the US backed Mexican Drug war exacerbated illegal immigration to the US?  Now we are strongly NAFTA tied (if not dependent) economically upon Mexico.  Take a peek at  VP Joe Biden's September 2013 remarks and promise to the Mexican economic elite to "bring 11 million people out of the shadows".

Finally we have the Senate's passed S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act AKA Comprehensive Immigration Reform in which 11.2 million undocumented people will be given legal status for the astronomical US taxpayers' price of $46.3 billion dollars in increased border security boodle.  Check out Title II Immigrant Visas and Section 6 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Funds.

Pay particular attention to SEC. 6.(a) (2) (A) (a) (3) USE OF FUNDS (C) PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION (i) $50,000,000 to carry out the activities referenced in section 1104(a)(1) Operation Streamline Az Tucson Sector and  (ii) $50,000,000 to carry out the activities referenced in section 1104(b) (FEMA Operation Stonegarden).
Under - (i) $50,000,000 to carry out the activities referenced in section 1104(a)(1) - Could Arizona Senator John McCain (Co-Lead Senator of Immigration Reform Gang of 8) ask for more Arizona US Border Patrol Tucson Sector "pork"?  First you have to understand what "Operation Streamline" is
S.744 simultaneously grants 11.2 million undocumented people RPI status while granting the US border security industrial complex 46.3  billion more dollars to double the size of the US Border Patrol, add drones, fencing and $200 million (over four years) to increase "Operation Streamline" type prosecutions in McCain's Arizona USBP Tucson Sector to 210 undocumented persons per day.  
But wait!  Add $200 million (over four years) for FEMA and  "Operation Stonegarden"?  Talk about pork and US taxpayers' money going into the Arizona border security black hole, read this article: 
My God they have turned Mexican illegal immigration, illegal drugs, and NAFTA trade into institutionalized money makers for the bi-national elite.  By the way 8,000 undocumented people have died trying to cross the border since NAFTA's inception in 1994.   

For decades now the bi-national elite has profited while the US middle class and the Mexican poor have suffered NAFTA caused illegal immigration, poverty, border deaths and horrendous Mexican drug war casualties US imprisonments that have no realistic end in sight.


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