Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Washington's Immigration Reform: It's For The Undocumenteds' Labor and The Taxpayers' Money Estupidos

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Washington's Immigration Reform:  It's For The Undocumenteds' Labor and The Taxpayers' Money Estupidos

Have you read the Senate's S.744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act AKA Comprehensive Immigration Reform?  See Section 6 for money details:

Passed by the Senate but not by the House, you can bet your bottom dollar all of the funding for S.744 will be included in what ever "reform" the House does.  Why?  Because poverty caused by US economic policies drives illegal immigration for US profit and US reform.  Cheap labor and billions for Washington's corporate border security complex are really at the insidious bottom of immigration "reform".

Politicians want you to think that the Democrats are the immigration good guys and the Republicans are the immigration bad.  Yet when and if this "reform" shakes out, both sides really only care about cashing in on the unscrupulous scam. 

If nothing else - read through Section 6 of S.744 and see where 46.3 billion dollars are going.  Read how they want to double the size of the US Border Patrol and add drones at taxpayers' expense.  Read about the Registered Provisional Immigrants and all of Washington profitable "triggers" that will have to be met before these 11.2 million people can even become "green card" holders.  All things equal the undocumenteds' best shot at possible  US citizenship will take 13 years of labor peonage.

Undocumented people and their supporters should be outraged  at Section 1104 (a) Border Crossing Prosecutions and 1104(a)(1)(3)(A) which increases the number of Arizona "Operation Streamline" prosecutions to 210 prosecutions per day and gives DHS 200 million dollars (over 4 years) to do so.  They should also be very concerned about Section 1104(a)(1)(3)(A)((b) Operation Stonegarden which is like "Safe Communities" on steroids. FEMA is involved, and this too will cost taxpayers 200 million dollars over 4 years.

Ultimately through all of the emotions, anger, rhetoric and propaganda, Washington's Immigration Reform is nothing more than the simultaneous, profitized illegal-immigration rape of the undocumented for labor and US taxpayers' for border security billions.  Washington's reform does nothing to address the insidious poverty that they co-created to ensure continual illegal immigration.


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