Saturday, January 11, 2014

Border Walls Would Not Be Needed If The US - Mexico Economic "Playing Fields" Were Equal

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Border Walls Would Not Be Needed If The US - Mexico Economic "Playing Fields" Were Equal

The push and pull of the undocumented are created by insidious government-made, economic "gravitational" forces.  As with nature's gravitational forces "pushing" water to seek its own level, manmade poverty and economical forces push undocumented people towards prosperity.  

Their "high" home-country poverty is co-created by the US and home-country governments. We in the US  know which way the predominately Mexican undocumented will flow across our border.

The other half of the equation is the magnetic attraction of immigration reform.  Does reform and the  promise of eventual  "legalization" not lure or attract millions of undocumented people to come here too?

These forces of the bi-national, gravitational, poverty produced "pushes" and immigration magnetic reform "pulls" are of course all manmade.  And the people who create these conditions also profit from them too.

Another component to this inhumane scam entails the brainwashing of American voters.  Washington's propagandized "fix" to the undocumenteds' "gravitational pull" is the illusion of "border security".  Like trying to stop water flowing downhill, Americans have been led into believing that the cure to illegal immigration is the never-ending build up of our border "dam".

As for Reform 2014 - Washington will play upon the emotional theme of bringing the undocumented "out of the shadows" and quietly push for 46.3 billion dollars more to fix the border dam and stop these flowing people.  See Section 6 of the Senate's S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act.

Page after page of test yet they do not say one word about identifying the real problem (poverty) and addressing that problem at the source (Mexico or any of the other undocumenteds' home countries).

As if an obvious solution like a home country reservoir of prosperity would not solve our problem of illegal immigration.

Instead they have brainwashed us into believing that the undocumented are the cause of our problem of illegal immigration. Hence  the solution to stopping the problem is to keep them out by militarizing the border instead of working with their own governments to create home-county prosperity that would keep them home.

Remember these are manmade, economic, gravitational forces that can work either way.


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