Saturday, January 18, 2014

Immigration Reform: It's All About The Fighting Not The Fixing

In response:

Immigration Reform:  It's All About The Fighting Not The Fixing

The profiteers who create illegal immigration and its ensuing reforms depend upon people not understanding what is insidiously taking place beneath their immigration rhetoric.

Those of you who spew about the undocumented without understanding Washington's role in this decades-long nightmare play right into their game.

The US and Mexican elite are very tight in their agenda:  create Mexican/US trade which exacerbates Mexican poverty which creates Mexican illegal immigration which creates a never ending source of remittances and cheap labor which creates a never ending need for immigration enforcement and reform. 

Just look how Obama, Biden, and our US Department of State rave about their economic love affair with Mexico without addressing Mexico as our number one source of illegal drugs and undocumented people.

This is not unlike our failed 40+ year long war on drugs (which of course has the Mexican connection too).  All of the money is in the fighting not the fixing.


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