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Washington's Immigration "Reform" Rapes US Taxpayer's For Money And The Undocumented For Labor

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Washington's Immigration "Reform" Rapes US Taxpayer's For Money And The Undocumented For Labor

The first thing Washington immigration reform politicians will tell us is that we must "secure the border" in order to fix illegal immigration.  In the same breath these political profiteers go right for America's emotional juggler with their "We must bring these 11.2 million undocumented 'out of the shadows'!

Wait a minute!  You promised us the end to illegal immigration with Reagan's 1986 Amnesty and Clinton's 1994 NAFTA.  Now with the Senate's S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act you are asking "We The People" initially for $46.3 billion more "for border security"? Go to Section 6 "Comprehensive Immigration Reform Funds":  billion:

Granted S.744 was passed by the Senate but not by the House.  I think only a fool would believe that the House would not include a similar funding package, especially when on December 3, 2013 Speaker Boehner hires Senator McCain's top tier immigration policy aide Rebecca Tallent.

Wait another gol darn minute!  Your own NAFTA actually execrated illegal immigration to the US while creating more bi-national billionaires?

You create the same insidious NAFTA poverty that pushes people here and now you want to soak us for more "reform" billions to clean up your mess? You guys are really banking on us being some kind of special stupid huh!

As far as "bringing people out of the shadows" see S.744's Sections 2101 and 2102.   Washington insidiously bribes 11.2 million undocumented with a US citizenship "carrot" in exchange for 13 years of Regional Provisional Immigrant (labor peonage) Status.  To the undocumented and their supporters - don't forget that the term provisional means "arranged or existing for the present, possibly to be changed later".

Do you hear those liars say one word about the 8,000 undocumented who have (since NAFTA) died crossing the US/Mexican border?  How about the 100,000 plus who have been slaughtered since Mexican President Felipe Calderon started Mexico's failed, US backed 2006 drug war?


Back to the link above for S.744.  Do you suppose Ms. Tallent will be pushing for S.744's Section 1104(a)?  Two hundred million (over 4 years) for McCain's Arizona Border Patrol Sector's "Operation Streamline" type border prosecutions?  Do the math:  210 prosecutions a day at $120 (tax payer dollars) per head per day for crony Corrections Corporation of America privatized immigration prisons.

And under S.744 1104(b) an additional $200 million tax payer dollars for some stealth FEMA/US Border Patrol program called "Operation Stonegarden"?

American taxpayers are not even on Washington's immigration reform radar screen but you can bet your bottom dollar - their money is.  In fact American taxpayers are thrown under Washington's immigration reform bus (again) because "securing the border" is a farce.  Mexico (one of our favorite NAFTA trading partners) would implode if the border was effectively sealed.  Unfortunately and due in a large part to their own faults, Americans are either not informed, very misinformed or simply make the costly mistake of trusting what Washington's immigration reform politicians say.

Wake up folks.  All parties interested in immigration reform are pushing for a fix that will really only satisfy their selfish needs.  Another great example:  under comprehensive immigration reform Facebook Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg comingles the undocumenteds' cause with his own true self-serving motive of increasing H-1b high tech visas for his own benefit.

Yet no one pushing this current reform fix will actually address something that will solve illegal immigration - home country poverty.  

Finally, peruse our US State Department's glorification of our "relations" with Mexico.

Peruse "Remarks by Vice President Joe Biden at the U.S.-Mexico High Level Economic Dialogue" made in Mexico on September 20, 2013.

US Immigration Reform Politics 101 -  Where's My Money!

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